Acne Fiction

false ideas about acne being passed around. Knowing about the false ideas about acne can help you avoid the wrong acne treatments and skin maintenance practices.

Below are a few common misconceptions about acne as well as the correct explanations to keep in mind.

Fiction #1 – Acne is just a superficial disease that should be ignored.

Many people around the world will contest this statement, especially if they are severely affected by acne. The truth is, acne affects people differently, with some suffering from acne-caused emotional and psychological stress.

Teens are, in fact, the ones most affected by acne because there is often greater pressure on them to look good.

So, if acne is severe, it must be consulted with a dermatologist and treated right away. Doing so keeps an affected person from losing his or her self-confidence and from getting depressed due to the skin condition.

Fiction #2 – Acne can be healed by the sun’s rays.

True, the sun is good for the skin. But prolonged exposure to the harmful UV rays can cause acne to worsen. In addition, unhealthy exposure to the sun can make a person get skin cancer and have dry, wrinkled skin.

So, avoid too much sun exposure, especially from late morning to early afternoon when the sun’s rays are more intense.

Fiction #3 – Scrubbing your skin helps remove acne.

Just as your mother or dermatologist says, “Do not pick or scrub your pimples.” Touching your acne, especially with dirty hands, can worsen the condition.

If you want to feel your face, make sure both your face and hands are clean. Remember, too, to wash your face twice daily and your hands as often as needed. Then, after cleansing, apply your acne treatment.